About Us

Bilene Botanicals has 600 hectares of fertile farmland in Bilene, Mozambique that has been purchased and licensed to produce any botanical compound. This includes restricted narcotics for medical use as well as other therapeutic or nutritional botanicals. 


To establish ourselves as Africa’s leading supplier of botanical compounds we are constructing a(n):

  • plant genetics program for tissue culture, micro-propagation, and optimization

  • extraction and processing laboratory certified to EU GMP standards

  • certified organic scalable farming infrastructure

  • internationally compliant on-demand botanical cultivation program


Market opportunity

There is a growing global demand for botanical compounds which is being driven by new breakout categories such as functional foods and the increased consumption of botanical derived drugs. 


The prevalence of chronic disease and concerns of the side effects of allopathic medicines is driving consumers to explore botanical products as an alternative or complementary therapy. 

  • Botanical and Plant-Derived Drugs Market is expected to exceed more than US$ 39.0 Billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 6.1% in the given forecast period

  • Global Food Botanicals Market Will Reach USD 1,489.3 Billion by 2025

  • Plant extracts market is estimated to be valued at USD 23.7 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 59.4 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 16.5% from 2019 to 2025

Our process

Bilene Botanicals brings a modern approach to traditional farming in Africa by utilizing the latest machine learning and data analysis platforms to improve profitability and productivity. Each step is assisted by technology, driven by data and refined through continuous improvement.


BB uses machine learning platforms to analyze consumer trends and demand for botanical compounds based on market sentiment, clinical trial results, search data and other data points. This allows us to identify the most valuable botanicals to cultivate at the earliest stage possible.

Route to Market

Ensuring that a route to market has been established is our critical second step that must be established before we plant our crops. By establishing our offtakes and selling futures we are able to stabilize our investment. 


Currently we are establishing international trade deals with companies in:

  • China

  • Canada

  • United Kingdom

  • South Africa


600 hectares is being subdivided into farming blocks to create a scalable on-demand farming model. All operations will be certified organic to international standards. Our aim is to produce the highest quality botanical substances at scale. All cultivation activities will be conducted to GPP/GAP/GCAP standards compliance.

Genetic optimization

Once a crop has been put into production the genetic optimization cycle begins. During this time, our team is working to selectively breed higher-yielding plants that are resistant to disease and adverse conditions. This in house capability will be opened up into a commercial offering to address Africa’s need for quality plant genetics.


Bilene Botanicals is building a state of the art extraction and processing facility. Extraction and processing enable us to transform raw product into higher-margin compounds and base materials. Our quality control protocols are compliant with all international standards and regulations.



Our Executive Team’s mission is to grow Bilene into a global player in the botanical industry. Our combined experiences include R&D, testing, genetics, seed, cloning, cultivation, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, and marketing, to the final distribution of a wide variety of quality and consistent products world-wide.


Our strength lies in our diverse experience. Comprised of a world-class team of professionals with experience spanning the financial sector, business, botanical farming and the African continent, we are well-positioned to become Africa's largest supplier of high-quality botanical products.

Leading and managing a global company such as Bilene Botanicals requires a wide range of experiences and skills. Bilene has attracted an Executive Team with successful track-records and experiences in diverse corporations within global settings. The team has the strategic foresight to guide the company to become a leading supplier of bulk botanical extract and finished product development. 


Corporate Social Responsibility

Bilene Botanicals' success will directly depend on our ability to develop a skilled workforce. Our team will be built through education and accountability to international standards

Our commitment is to enable our employees to develop their careers to their fullest potential. Our legacy will be left through creating a specialized industry with higher-income jobs for local talent.

Bilene Botanicals will invest in four key areas

  • Education

  • Local Community

  • Biotechnology

  • Agrotechnology